Uutinen 29.10.2003

The Two-year Anniversary of the Minun Eurooppani (My Europe) Internet Discussion Pages (VN)

The Internet pages for discussion on the future of the European Union, maintained by the Prime Minister”s Office and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, will celebrate their two-year anniversary on 26 October.

During the past two years, discussions have centred on the EU enlargement, European security policy and the European Convention”s proposal on the Constitutional Treaty for the European Union. The Internet pages have been visited for some 50 000 times and the number of messages exceeds 800.

In honour of the two-year anniversary of the website, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Paula Lehtomäki will participate in the ongoing discussion with their addresses.

In October, the website was extended with new pages that contain material relating to the Intergovernmental Conference at www.minuneurooppani.fi/hvk (in Finnish). The pages offer a monthly changing question and the distribution of the visitors” answers will be displayed on the website. The first question is: ”Does the European Union need a President?”

The website provides ample background material on the theme of the future of the European Union including speeches and meeting reports. The website also contains a calendar and non-governmental organisations may send information to info@minuneurooppani.fi on any upcoming events they have on the future of the EU.

The ”Minun Eurooppani” website can be accessed at www.minuneurooppani.fi.

Further information: Miia Lahti, Web Information Officer, Government Secretariat for EU Affairs, tel. +358 9 1605 6063

Government Information Unit Press release 312/2003