Uutinen 21.2.2007

Finland’s EU Presidency 2006

Finland’s six-month EU Presidency will begin on 1 July 2006. Austria will hold the rotating EU Presidency during the first half of 2006.

Photo: European Commission.

The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the coordination and preparation of the Presidency. The Government Secretariat for EU Affairs will prepare the subject matters to be focused on during the Presidency whereas technical meeting arrangements will handled by the EU Presidency Secretariat.

The Commission’s three-year strategic programme provides guidelines for the agenda of Finland’s EU Presidency and Finland has, in collaboration with Austria, prepared a working programme that covers the entire year 2006.

The official website for Finland’s EU Presidency will be opened on 31 May 2006 at www.eu2006.fi and www.ue2006.fi. The website will provide access to Presidency press releases and statements, meeting calendar and basic information on Finland’s Presidency. There will also be a special section for media information.


Meetings in Finland during Finland’s EU Presidency
Calendar of Finnish EU Presidency (29.11.05)

The Preliminary agenda

Work programme of the Council for 2006
Ministers discussed the preliminary agenda for Finland’s EU Presidency (Government Communications Unit, Press release 351/2005)

The priorities of Finland’s Presidency of the EU (Press release 265/2005, Government Communications Unit)
Memo: Towards Finland’s Presidency of the EU

Other material

An introduction to Finnish cuisine during the EU Presidency (Press release 136/2006 Government Communications Unit)
Preliminary information on media arrangements during Finland’s EU Presidency

Contact information

Government Secretariat for EU Affairs
Secretariat for the Finnish EU Presidency

Further information

Finland’s EU Presidency 2006, Web site of Finnish Government